• Centerville Software Company wins $1.5M Air Force Contract
  • Nunn-Perry Awards Recognize Mentor-Protégé Program Excellence
  • WBB & ECI Receive Nunn-Perry Award for Mentor-Protégé Program Excellence
  • Centerville-area software company wins $25M Air Force research deal
  • Local software company has won a contract from the Office of the Secretary of Defense for $1 million


Edaptive Computing, Inc. pioneers innovative solutions for rapid analysis, optimization, and assurance of system of systems and processes to a variety of U.S. Department of Defense and Commercial Sector customers.


Mission & Vision

Our Mission:

To enable our customers to be effective and efficient through analytics, automation and assurance of their processes and systems.


Our Vision:

To be the most recognized, innovative and respected leader of solutions enabling trusted, yet efficient systems and processes.

ECI Core Values

Customer Focus: We measure our success by that of our customers. We create a clear, simple customer-centered vision and continually renew and refresh its execution.

Continuous Learning: We continually evaluate emerging technologies for application to our customers' unmet needs. We participate with standards organizations and industry user groups.

Positive Attitude: Our employees demonstrate positive attitude through the 4 "E"s:

  • Energy - to welcome and deal with change.
  • Enthusiasm - the ability to create an atmosphere that energizes others.
  • Edge - the ability to make difficult decisions.
  • Execute - the ability to turn Vision into results.







Leadership Team

ECI is a company whose leadership is fully committed to the success of its customers, continuous technical innovation, and high quality performance.

Ms. Anju Chawla is the majority owner of ECI and serves as the Chief Executive Officer. Ms. Chawla has over 20 years of diverse business development and management experience.

Dr. Praveen Chawla is the founder of ECI and serves as its President and Chief Technology Officer. Dr. Chawla has over 25 years of experience in innovative research and its transition to real-world applications.

Dr. Henk Ruck, as Senior Subject Matter Expert, brings over 35 years of experience performing, leading and managing research and development to provide advanced technologies throughout the Air Force.  He has served in uniform and at senior levels of government, including roles in Project and Program Management and General Management as well as providing policy advice and support to Senior Policy Makers.

Mike Hucul, Director of Program Oversight, brings over 25 years of experience in developing and deploying Modeling and Simulation and Process Automation software solutions.  His experience includes Program Management and Business Architect as well as providing advice and support to senior management.

Adam Langdon is the Director for Technical Oversight and the Process Improvement Lead at Edaptive Computing, Inc. He brings experience as both a Principal Investigator and Project Manager for multiple research and software development efforts.   He has led the development of Edaptive's core products, and his experience and expertise also includes work in artificial learning and multi-agent systems.

Jeff Akers, as Director Process Solutions, brings over 25 years of experience helping organizations apply technology successfully to improve their business operations.  His experience includes roles in Sales and Business Development, Project and Program Management and General Management as well as providing advice and support to Senior Management.

Ted Sharits, Director, Business Development/Senior Program Manager, brings over 30 years of experience in developing and managing research and development projects and organizations.  His experience includes program management, product management and lead systems engineering to develop operational systems and simulations for combat air operations, ISR, special operations, aircraft systems, embedded systems, simulators and acquisition.

Edaptive at a Glance

Year Founded: 1997

Headquarters: Dayton, Ohio

Corporate Structure: Privately held Corporation

Certification: Woman-Owned Small Business

Contract Vehicles: GSA Schedule 70 and (USAF and USN) Phase III SBIR

Capabilities: Enterprise, Desktop and Mobile software and hardware to rapidly optimize, automate and assure complex processes and systems

Flexible and Scalable Software tools: Rapidly optimize complex processes and systems

Mature Software Development Process: Appraised at CMMI Maturity Level 4

Highly Qualified Staff: Majority hold or are pursuing advanced computer engineering/science degrees

Strong relationship with Local Universities: Ability to leverage novel research and subject matter experts


















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