Over the course of ECI’s history we have successfully developed complex feature rich applications for many DoD elements, Prime Contractors and Fortune 500 companies.  As part of our development strategy we have developed an innovative software framework technology—Syscape.  Syscape provides a feature-rich environment that enables rapid development of custom capabilities using plug-ins.   Over the course of the last decade many domains have been serviced through stand-alone application development made possible by Syscape.  In addition to desktop application development described above, ECI has developed enterprise level applications to support collaborative analysis and easy remote access.   ECI has successfully applied enterprise level technologies to support key Air Force, OSD and internal process automation needs.


In addition, ECI develops software using mature processes appraised at CMMI Maturity Level 4. Using historical data and models, ECI can accurately predict the cost, duration, and expected quality given a specified development task.  This results in a predictable schedule that can be achieved without comprising the quality of the product.  In addition, the use of data management techniques allows ECI to continually improve its processes and achieve more accurate schedule prediction and quality results as a project progresses.

One of ECI’s business units is services for the development of feature-rich stand-alone and enterprise level applications.


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