Innovate. Optimize. Automate. Assure.

Four words that together form a powerful combination for success and describe Edaptive’s

unique way of solving problems for its customers.


Innovate: Combining state-of-the-art techniques in unique ways to solve customer problems. Edaptive is continuously learning, driven by a customer-focused attitude.  The result is the transformation of innovative technologies to real-world solutions.

Optimize: Applying advanced algorithms and techniques to maximize the performance of complex processes and systems.  Edaptive drives solutions through quantitative means to deliver more accurate solutions.  We leverage rigorous mathematical techniques, formal methods, modeling and simulation, and virtual prototyping to more effectively meet customer needs.

Automate: Reduce the effort, cost, and complexity of processes and systems through the application of innovative tools. Edaptive develops automation solutions for complex processes as well as collaboration and analysis.

Assure: Protecting solutions from harm or loss, either unintended or malicious.  Edaptive applies its innovation to guarantee its solutions and other systems are secure, robust, and safe.  We leverage our tools and techniques for assessing risk, identifying vulnerabilities, and developing protections.

Ultimately these focus areas allow us to achieve our key objective: transforming innovative ideas into real-world solutions.

Cyber Security

Comprehensive security solutions covering all technology layers

Health Care Optimization

Optimizing the performance and safety of medical processes and devices

Social Media Analysis

Automated monitoring and analysis of social media data to detect emerging events

Acquisition Support

Managing Information Over the Federal and DoD Acquisition Lifecycle

Business Process Optimization

Identifying cost-effective improvements to maximize ROI

Supply Chain Analytics

Flexible analysis tools for monitoring and improving logistics management

System of Systems

Analyze and ensure safety and performance of complex systems

Multi-Sensor Data Mining

Converting large, scatted data into actionable information

Risk Management

Quantitative risk assessment and mitigation

Workforce Analytics

Optimize resource use against evolving demands

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