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Cyber Security & Trusted Systems

Ensuring Trust, Security, Provenance

Providing Design Assurance through:
Next-Gen Methods and Tools
Integration with Industry Tools
Cutting-Edge Academic Research

Trusted Hardware Systems

ECI supports the Joint Federated Trust and Assurance Center's missions in Trust in Design (and fabrication) verification. Our solutions provide a cloud-based environment for SoC design verification that integrates hardware system modeling, simulation, emulation, and formal methods analysis. This enhances ease-of-use and reduces expertise required to utilize state-of-the-art verification tools. And ECI cyber security solutions provide BIOS- and system-level protection from potential attack vectors.

Cyber Security Software Applications

Cyber security is most effective when instilled from the outset rather than tacked on as an afterthought. ECI provides software for security posture analysis that equips developers to assess their solution against known vulnerabilities throughout implementation so they can mitigate all areas of concern. ECI's drag-and-drop modeling and simulation environment analyzes systems' responses to potential attacks. ECI integrates our solutions with existing cyber security protections and applies them to defend systems at the hardware level.